List of FRENCH Buffer Zone Nozzles -memo dated 01.12.2016

The aim of this note is to update the list of application equipment of plant protection products having a minimal efficiency of 66% to reduce the drift of spraying.

The use of these materials is necessary to reduce the width of untreated zone near water.

New equipment appears for the sectors of orchard, vineyard, low crops (device with complete boom)

 Buses_ZNT_note_de_ service_01_12_ 2016.pdf

ATR range grows with a new nozzle: ATR purple. This new nozzle has the biggest flow rate of the ATR range, it comes after the ATR blue.



A new ALBUZ catalog.

New nozzles.

- TVI LP : Air induction hollow cone spray nozzle (3 low pressure nozzles)

- New FAST-CAP range (AVI OC, AVI TWIN, AVI 80° / 110°)

- NAF nozzle : Hollow cone or full cone misting nozzle

- TAM nozzle : Full cone 1/8 misting nozzle

Misting accessories

New filters


The MSI range is made of wide angle flat spray nozzles between 130° and 160°. ISO color code for the 8 nozzles flow rates.

You will find in our catalogue (page 28) all information required to select the model needed.




The KGF Atomix nozzle range droplet size is between 15 and 30 µ ; Thanks to an air compressor, it is possible to disinfect, rooms, mobile home, caravans and other various items.

With a choise of 7 models, you will certainly find the right nozzle for your application.

A pressure of 3 bar is sufficient to ensure disinfection.

This nozzle has two holes of inputs to the rear, one for the product entry, the other for the air.

Can 2 L or 5 L are also available in catalogue with either 1 or 2 nozzles incorporated. Just add the compressor which can be on battery,to use the product of your choise.